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What is the Baldwin Foundation for Education?

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What is the Baldwin Foundation for Education?

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The Baldwin Foundation for Education.

What are we about?

The Baldwin Foundation for Education was established in 1993 by alumna, former administrators, and friends of Baldwin Public Schools. It is an independent, tax-exempt, not-for-profit organization, whose fundraising, promotional and alumni development activities benefit the current students at the Baldwin Public Schools and help sustain Baldwin’s tradition of excellence in education.

Our main method of supporting the students is through mini and maxi-grants. Mini grants, whose value is up to $500 And maxi-grants for larger projects whose value is up to $1500.

“Since its inception, the BFE has presented nearly $250,000.00 in mini-, maxi- and fine arts grants to the Baldwin schools.

Here are some examples of grants over the years:

  • 2010:  request from BMS, “Garden Club” – $828.00; request from BSHS, “Engineering Academy” – $2,000.00; BMS, “Foreign Language” – $1,000.00
  • 2011:  request from BMS, “21st Century Readers” for six Nooks – $1,500.00
  • 2012:  for the purchase of Tubano drums for the “Baldwin Middle School Drumming Club” – $1,980.00
  • 2013:  request from BMS librarian, “BMS Digital Citizenship” for six I-pad mini’s – total $1,980.00
  • 2014:  request from Meadow, “Edmark Reading Program” – $499.00
  • 2015:  BMS, “One Lump of Clay at a Time” – $1,855.00; “Robotics Bridge Between middle school and freshman year – $2,000.00
  • 2016:  BMS, “Classroom to Wild Quail” – $1,500.00; BHS TV studio, for purchase of equipment and cameras – $1,900.00
  • 2017:  request from Kimberly DeMarco, Plaza, “Occupational Therapy” – $1,300.00; request from Susanne Ryan, Brookside, “Yoga Kids” – $500.00
  • 2018:  request from Scott Peritz, BHS, for a high-definition flat screen TV for the studio – $2,000.00
  • 2019 there were four approved maxi grants:
  • Request from Vincent Leis, Baldwin High School, for the First Robotics Team 1546 Chaos – $1,995.00
  • Request from Renee McDermott, Lenox School, for Robotics STEAM – $1,979.00 
  • Request from Mark Gray, Plaza School, for “Edu Jitsu Max” – $1,910.00
  • Request from Dr. Camhi, for “In Recognition of Excellence” – $1,180.00

Prior to that time there were many grants approved from staff from different education levels and for many different types of programs. Examples:  for smart boards; wellness track at the high school; math and science programs; reading programs and book for libraries district wide; technology enhancements; etc. 

Also keep in mind that mini grants are available in the fall of each year (up to $400.00), and the BFE has also approved a number of Fine Arts grants over the years as well. The mural in the commons at the BMS is one example of the Fine Arts grant, as well as a bronze sculpture in the library of the middle school.

We also support the students through “In Recognition of Excellence” which honors student achievement based on a criterion of values, not just grades.


We honor the community though our yearly “Spring Celebration”.

The BFE has honored founding members and board members; Baldwin school district superintendents, principals and teachers; Baldwin Board of Education members; community leaders and organizations, and service/volunteer people; advocates for children and programs benefitting children; PTA leaders.

In 2018 the BFE had a “Salute to Our Veterans” and in 2019 we had “Salute to First Responders.” 

The BFE manages scholarships (up $10,000) endowed by former grads Details about the scholarships can be found on our website. Over $140,000.00 has been given in scholarships to deserving graduating students.”

We keep graduates and former students informed through our bi-annual newsletter “Nexus”. In the newsletter we have a “Keeping in Touch” where grads share news about themselves and friends. We also have an “In Memoriam” column where grads, with a small donation, share news of passed loved ones. See some back issues here:

Also, for our graduates, we host a yearly “BFE All Class Reunion Party” that is open to all. It is usually held around Labor Day weekend. For the past two years it has been held at Jones Beach Field 10. In the past it was held at the “Mushrooms” at Lido.

We have a website , which is where you are reading this article. Feel free to browse the rest of our website.

Our Facebook page can be found at .

The BFE is a participant in the “Grand Baldwin Festival” which will be held near the Baldwin Public Library this year from Noon to 4:30PM on October 1st, 2022. The Grand Baldwin Festival is a celebration of the Baldwin community featuring a pop-up marketplace, food vendors, musical performances, an art showcase, and various activities.

The BFE has also support district efforts in the F.I.R.S.T robotics competition with a $5,000 seed money grant, as well as additional grants over the years.

Help support the Baldwin Foundation for Education’s efforts by contributing. All contributions are tax deductible.  The foundation is a 501(c)3 charitable institution and is registered with the New York State Charities Bureau under the registration number 06-21-11.

If you would like a digital subscription to the “Nexus”,please go to our website and sign up. You can join via Paypal and you don’t need a Paypal account.

You can also use the above link to make a tax deductible donation to the BFE.

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