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The BFE began very early giving financial awards to graduating seniors. A number of awards have been financed by the donations of alumni and others and are administered by the BFE. Starting with several based on service to schools and the community, four such awards have been named in honor of Sue & Tom Fricke, Gene Lanzaro and Peggy Hillsgrove Spirakis, and in memory of Diana Smith Coughlin.

The William Devaux and Robert Schweitzer Memorial Award is given to an athlete and future educator. The Evelyn Page Memorial Award, in memory of a BHS teacher, is given for achievement in math. The George & Florence Kelly Haff Memorial Award honors fine arts and community service; the Helen Bauer Scholarship, named for a respected, retired music teacher, honors a student in the High School Concert Band. Most of the awards are $500. The Adolph J. & Dorothy R. Eckhardt Memorial Scholarship. $2000 for commitment to learning and higher education, extra-curricular activities, good academic standing, financial need, and acceptance to a college or university. The Edward & Margaret Foley Ingles Scholarship, our largest at $2500, rewards community service and financial need.

All of these awards are presented at the annual Awards Assembly at the senior High School in the spring.

Amount                                                                                                  Award Name                                                                    Recipient

$1000 “The Gene Lanzaro Service Award” Andrea Mask
$1000 “The Peggy Hillsgrove Spirakis Service Award” Shellee Wong
$1000 “The George & Florence Kelly Haff Fine Arts Service Award” Ryan Buchholz
$500 “The Helen Bauer Music Scholarship” Victoria Garcia
$500 “The Evelyn Page Memorial Scholarship for Math” Catherine Guerrier
$1000 “The Tom & Sue Fricke Service Award” Michelle Meyers
$500 “The William J. Devaux & Robert P. Schweitzer Memorial Scholarship” Steven Hajny
$2000 “The Adolph & Dorothy Eckhardt Memorial Scholarship” Kimberly Keskinen
$2500 “The Edward H. & Margaret E. Foley Ingles Scholarship” Aglaelle Nicolas


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