Winter 2020 Nexus is in the mail.

The latest issue of the Nexus is in the mail and some of you may have already received it. We have a new printer this year so there was a slight delay in getting this issue out. Feel free to provide any feedback on this issue or any other thing on your mind.

Beach Party 2018 and Reunion Weekend Photos

Line up at beach Don Schreier ’60, Ray Cody ’60, Richard Cruz ’59, Joan Stieglitz Sutermeister ’59, Vincent Mischke ’59, Irene Gilbert McDuffee ’59, Patti Patterson Wallace ’59, Jimmy Wallace ’60, Barbara Dixon Ryan ’59, Steve DiMartino ’59, Elaine Hoppe Feldis ’58, Geri Rojck Heyward ’59 and Ray Gresalfi ’59.
Back Row: Barbara Gill, Paul Zuckerman, Diane Marber Garcia, Frank Lotito, Judy Simon, Jim Carl, John Brown, Emily Block, Jim Candidus and Steve Diamond. Front Row: Barry Russin, Alison Lovitt, Joyce Kleinberg, Claire Pelligrino, Marcia Galembo, Wendy Matthy and Pat Pisciotto.
Jack McGinley ’69, Barbara Goldman Hagstrand ’69, Diane Rampelli ’69, Matt Bonini ’69, Judy Shaddock ’68 and Kathy Kelly Anker ’69.

Remembering Lorraine Poppe

It is with great sadness to share that Lorraine Poppe ‘69 passed away on April 16, 2019. Lorraine taught English at Baldwin Senior High School starting in 1973. She served as a master teacher, dean of students and an assistant principal before moving on to become principal at John F. Kennedy High School in Bellmore, NY in 1995.  She was the longest-serving principal in the school’s history.  Lorraine retired from John F. Kennedy High School in 2018.  To say she touched tens of thousands of lives may be an understatement.  “Lorraine’s commitment to improving instruction and ensuring that all students are given various opportunities to succeed have been the hallmark of her success,” Ronnie Steiger, the public relations director for the Bellmore JFK Alumni Association, wrote. “An ardent supporter of all student activities, Lorraine could be seen cheering on students at virtually every co-curricular event.  She took tremendous pride in the success of the students and staff and was proud to be the leader of her beloved Cougar Nation”. 

Many of us Baldwin alumni will remember Lorraine with the same fondness.  We wouldn’t be surprised that she was an advocate for every student as many of us were her friend, her colleague, her classmate, her student. Many of us will also remember her as a beloved coach who instilled the lessons of sportsmanship and working together as a team.  We were so sad to hear the news but so grateful to have known Lorraine Poppe.  She will be sorely missed, and our thoughts are with her family. 

2017 BFE Alumni Beach Party Map

After looking over the attendance list at the last alumni beach party, the board thought it would be interesting to see where all the alumni in attendance came from. Only those folks that signed in and we were able to find an address for them in the database are reflected on the map. For this first map, we have not included the alumni names, just the graduation year, town and distance traveled. We hope to enhance it next year with names as well.




Baldwin Foundation for Education Approves 5 Mini Grants

At the most recent board meeting the following MiniGrants were approved:
Submitted by Thomas Girolamo, Middle School:

“Programming Autonomous Robots- Lego Robotics/Robotics Pre-Academy – $400.00.

Submitted by Jaclyn Graham, Plaza Elementary: “Team Orchid” – $400.00

Submitted by Stacy Kane, Meadow Elementary:
“First Grade/ENL Vocabulary Enrichment – $400.00.

Submitted by Megan Lewis, Lenox Elementary:
“Second Step Kindergarten Program.” – $439.00

Submitted by Dr. Camhi:  “In Recognition of Excellence” – $400.00

The total of these grants come to $2039.00.

BHS Alumni weekend High School tour.

As a part of the event filled Alumni weekend, the BFE provides a High School tour. Here are some photo highlights:

New art studio.

New art studio.

Business Academy.

Business Academy where students work together in a simulated office environment.

BHS Library with dozens of computers for students to work on.

Law and Government Academy where students hold mock trials.

High tech conference room.